Ningbo No. 6 Hospital

Category Case Studies, Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

Ningbo No.6 Hospital is a comprehensive hospital built according to the National Class-B standard. More than 300 doctors and nurses are employed and over 300 beds are available for patients, including 8 beds for surgery operations. The CERTUSS steam generators were purchased by Ningbo Condor Import & Export CO. LTD, a medical and hospital equipment… Read more »

Procter & Gamble

Category Case Studies, Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

In May 2013 CERTUSS UK Ltd were invited to tender for a project by Proctor & Gamble at their Seaton Delaval production facility. Tender details were to supply and commission an N+1 Containerised Steam Generator facility, complete with condensate return pumping station. The equipment required should be capable of meeting the standard running load demand… Read more »

Community Hospital in Krefeld

Category Case Studies, Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

After 5 years of construction, the Hospital in Krefeld has been finished in 2014. It now ranks among the most modern hospitals in Germany. Home of maximal care with more than 1000 beds the Hospital in Krefeld is an outstanding medical center. In 23 hospitals and 4 institutes, more than 2000 employees yearly take care… Read more »

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