Seaton Delaval Manufacturing Plant
Procter & Gamble Product Supply (UK) Limited


Standard running load demand of 1650 lb/h, peak load of 3300 lb/h. 24/7 operations.


Production of perfumes and aftershaves


2 x Universal TC 1000 with each 67 BHP Natural Gas Fired (Duty/Duty stand-by)

Procter & Gamble


In May 2013 CERTUSS UK Ltd were invited to tender for a project by Proctor & Gamble at their Seaton Delaval production facility.

Tender details were to supply and commission an N+1 Containerised Steam Generator facility, complete with condensate return pumping station.

The equipment required should be capable of meeting the standard running load demand of 1650 lb/h, with an ability to cope on a duty basis with a peak load of 3300 lb/h. The fuel supply would be Natural Gas.

Steam production would be required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After evaluation of the requirements, CERTUSS UK offered a tender for the following equipment:

2 x 1000kg/hr Natural Gas Fired CERTUSS TC Steam Generators (Duty/Duty stand-by)

  • 2 x CERTUSS Package Plant Modules
  • 2 x CERTUSS condensate return pumping stations
  • 1 x CERTUSS Container Module – 472,5 x 98,5 x 130 inch (L x W x H)
  • Automatic Operation
  • CERTUSS Interface facility
  • Delivery to site
  • Commissioning

With the CERTUSS Generator offering a fuel to steam efficiency of >93% and an ability to raise full steam capacity in circa 3-5 minutes, along with reduced maintenance and inspection periods, P&G decided that this was the best option for them, when compared to a conventional boiler facility.

In June 2014 CERTUSS received an order for the supply of the equipment with full commissioning of the plant taking place April 2014.

CERTUSS have a full service contract agreement with the site.

P&G was founded in the US in 1837 by two men who met by chance. William Procter and James Gamble were from England and Ireland respectively and were on separate journeys through the United States when the challenges of travel led both of them to Cincinnati. They might never have met had they not married sisters – Olivia and Elizabeth Norris – whose father convinced them to become business partners and In 1837, a humble but bold new enterprise called Procter & Gamble was born. What began as a small, family-oriented soap and candle company grew and thrived, inspired by P&G’s Purpose of providing products and services of superior quality and value.

P&G currently have 15 sites throughout the UK and Ireland with many more throughout the World.

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