The CERTUSS fully equipped container unit is our solution in case isolation from the rest of your plant is required. It contains all components necessary to operate an entire plant. After connecting the main services and commissioning, steam is at your disposal in less than 5 minutes. The self contained unit is flexible, allowing permanent, as well as temporary positioning. On inquiry we can take over full or partial installation of the steam system. If you choose to contract out to other companies, we can carry out consultation and supervision for your containerized unit.

  • Full lighting internal of the container module
  • Full heating facility internal of the container module to protect against adverse weather conditions
  • All pipe-work within the container module complete to suit specification
  • All components fully wired within the container module
  • Full Electrical, Mechanical and steam test carried out prior to dispatch to your premises
  • All pipe-work internal of the container module is fully insulated to required specification
  • Stainless steel lined walls with full insulation
  • Connection points external of the container module, in agreed positions for site service connection (by installer)
  • Central control panel and power distribution board, internal of container module, in readiness for site power connection (by installer)
  • Colour coding to European standard of your choice
  • Ventilation to meet current regulatory standards for boiler-house requirements
  • Space saving
  • Flexible and easily re-positioned if required
  • Removes requirement for separate boiler-house
  • Allows customer full usage of valuable process floor space
  • Access space for maintenance work is fixed
  • Reduced costs for site installation work

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