The CERTUSS Steam Plant CVE (CERTUSS Verified Equipment) supply unit combines all components needed to supply the Steam Generator in one compact body. Instead of having to combine many single elements our CVE offers all necessary add-on’s for supply and water treatment in one. Thereby complex on-site installations are redundant and factory-tested functional reliability is assured.

  • Water Softener, Simplex or Duplex (optional)
  • Dosing Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Insulated feed water tank
  • Feed water tank steam injection heating system
  • Water Monitor facility (optional)
  • Blow-down vessel, with cooling water facility
  • Steam separator and trap set
  • Pre-pressure pump system
  • Control Panel Unit
  • Reduced site installation time and costs
  • Simple maintenance access
  • Compact size, therefore reducing site space requirements
  • Lightweight, suitable for positioning on a mezzanine floor with the Steam Generators
  • Central control panel for single site connection
  • Galvanized and coated framework for durability
  • Design and layout facility to suit site space available

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