TS Clean
Silo cleaning Neumann, Fahrbinde, Germany


A Steam Generator for the 2nd silo cleaning plant. TS Clean had experience with CERTUSS Generators, as their 1st plant is equipped with one Junior 600 Generator.


Steam for water heating and high pressure silo cleaning.


CERTUSS Junior 600 SC with 40 BHP, with CVE (CERTUSS ready-to-use unit), steam output 1322 lb/h, oil-fired.

TS Clean
quote In 2005 I was already very satisfied with the core of the plant in Fahrbinde, the CERTUSS Junior 600 SC gas-fired steam generator. In Kevelstorf I chose the proven CERTUSS quality again. The installation has been running well since 2008. quote
Jan Neumann | Owner TS Clean Tank- und Siloreinigung


TS Clean specializes in tank and silo cleaning. It was founded in 2004 and has since been growing rapidly in Germany. TS Clean offers fast and low cost cleaning of silo interiors by using steam heated to 338°F.


In 2005 Jan Neumann, the owner of Firma TS Clean, built its first silo cleaning plant in Fahrbinde. One CERTUSS Junior 600 SC gas-fired steam generator was provided and installed by a facility builder. The CERTUSS steam was afterwards again chosen for the second plant in Kavelstorf.


One CERTUSS Junior 600 SC with the Pre-Packaged Plant CERTUSS CVE supplies steam for the water heating and feed eight steam installations for the high pressure silo cleaning.


The high efficiency, thanks to the triplex air insulation with simultaneous preheating of combustion air, makes CERTUSS steam generators very economical. Immediate output adjustment to the respective steam requirements saves energy and thus costs. Another cost saving is the significantly reduced installation time with the CERTUSS CVE supply unit.


The ready-to-use water supply unit CVE contains all supply and water treatment components for the steam generator as a complete unit. The water treatment, the feed water preheating, condensate recirculation, steam dryer and the blow down are included. Additional components can be added upon request. The compact water supply unit completes the CERTUSS steam generator in a whole steam plant. It provides maximum quality with minimum footprint and maximum efficiency at the lowest installation-cost.

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