Kern Winery in Germany


Steam production of up to 2204 lb/h, compatibility with flexible production processes, economical fuel use


Mash heating, Desulphurization, Bottling, Water heating


2 CERTUSS Junior 500 SC Generators with each 34 BHP, gas fired

Kern Winery


The Kern winery in Kernen-Rommelshausen, Germany is a regionally based winery with its own grape plantation. It is a family enterprise that was established over 100 years ago.


Kern winery was looking for a more economical steam solution to save energy and costs. They’re production processes require very flexible steam output and high quality steam to produce white wine, red wine and sparkling wine.


CERTUSS offered a steam solution for 2 gas fired CERTUSS Junior 500 Generators. The low-energy and efficient steam generation fits perfectly to Kern winery’s concept. The steam generators are used for the gentle production of white wine, red wine and sparkling wine. With a peak load of 2204 lb/h steam, the two Steam Generators provide energy to the mash heating, 2 flash pasteurization plants, desulphurization, hot water heater and also direct steam for the sterilization of filling machines. The independent CERTUSS installation team was involved in the planning from the very beginning and completed the steam and condensate network in high-quality stainless steel as well as the connections and the commissioning within a short construction period.


Switched in cascade with peak load control, the CERTUSS system adapts to the respective production processes in a very short time. Thanks to that, the Kern winery can produce high-quality products while reducing its fuel consumption.

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