ELECTRO E 6 – 72 M

The CERTUSS Electro E 6 – 72 M Electric steam generator range, offers you the customer a wide choice of steam capacity, with 14 units available from 8 kg/h (6 kW) to 97 kg/h (72 kW) and operating pressures from 3.5 bar G to 11 bar G.

Steam output is controlled with semi-conductor contactors, offering a Modulation feature to meet any varying load requirements and optimising efficiency. This Electric steam boiler can be installed within production facilities and we can offer a full rear package assembly complete with water softener and blowdown vessel, which are pre- piped/ pre-wired and factory tested prior to dispatch to site. There is an output limitation feature available depending on the required volume capacity.

Access to all main function parts such as the stainless steel feed water tank, feed water pump, steam chamber and control panel is via the front enclosure doors, making maintenance of the unit simple to carry out. For remote monitoring, data can be transferred to BMS via Volt Free contacts. The CERTUSS E 6 M – E 72 M Electric steam generator is also available in full stainless steel construction for clean steam facility requirements to HTM 2031.

Frame Size 1
Capacities Steam output (kg/h) 8 – 97
Heat Output kW 6 – 72
Working Pressure max MPa 0.35 – 0.55 / 0.35 – 0.8 / 0.35 – 1.1
bar 3.5 – 5.5 / 3.5 – 8.0 / 3.5 – 11
Measurements (mm)
Height / Width / Depth 1850 / 880 / 680

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