ELECTRO E 100 – 120 M

The CERTUSS Electro E 100 – 120 M Electric steam generator rapidly raises steam in < 3 minutes. With total heat output controlled by a pressure sensor and a 3 stage manual option output feature. The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator is perfect for any small size steam industry user who have no fossil fuel available on site and therefore have a requirement for an electric steam boiler.

Installation can be carried out within production facilities and we can offer a full rear package assembly complete with water softener and blowdown vessel, which are pre-piped / pre-wired and factory tested prior to dispatch to site. The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator is a compact, simple to operate unit, with electronic control. Data can be transferred to BMS via Volt Free contacts.

Steam output capacities are 135 kg/h (100 kW) and 160 kg/h (120 kW) with operating pressures available from 5 bar G to 10 bar G. Multiple units are available to meet higher or flexible demand requirements. Maintenance of the unit is simple, with a stainless steel feed tank, electronic level controller, water feed pump, steam chamber and control panel all integral of the main body framework.

The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator is also available in full stainless steel construction for clean steam facility requirements to HTM 2031. All CERTUSS Steam Generators are manufactured to current PED 2014/68/EU standards.

Frame Size 1
Capacities Steam output (kg/h) 135 – 160
Heat Output kW 100 – 120
Working Pressure max MPa 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0
bar 5 / 8 / 10
Measurements (mm)
Height / Width / Depth 1925 / 1005 / 800

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