If your steam capacity or load requirements exceed a single generator output, CERTUSS can cater for your requirements by offering a CERTUSS Multiple Plant Solution. CERTUSS can supply many options to serve your steam demand requirements.

Be it a simple Duty-stand by facility or a flexible cascade system for the more complexed varying load requirements. With connection of the Generators to the CERTUSS Skid Mounted Package Plant Module (CVE), steam capacities up to 16,000 kg/h (6,560 kW) are available.

Output up to 16,000 kg/h
  • Output loads with high demand or a varying High to Low load demand
  • Ability to remotely control and monitor steam capacity via CERTUSS Touch Screen facility
Flexible Cascade System
  • With a pressure switch fitted to the common steam main, each Generator is activated by a signal to match any varying load requirements
  • Ease of pre-planned maintenance and Insurance inspection intervals catered for with a percentage of steam always available
Combined Multiple Plant
  • High efficiency levels maintained, assuring steam raised to meet demand requirements

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